Skill Set

Shriv ComMedia Solution’s software development skill set consists of different programming languages, operating systems, designing technologies, web technologies and others. We have great expertise in working with advanced and traditional proven technologies. While developing software applications we adapt and incorporate these technologies.

We have experience in providing the Best Technology Solutions with the use of advanced tools and techniques to our clients. Agile software development is in demand among software companies throughout the world, therefore, our company develops software solutions using agile methods for helping businesses to bring transparency and accuracy in the system. It gives rise to a customized interactive portal with the best solutions according to the business needs and customer requirements.

Cloud Computing

The use of cloud computing solutions has a significant influence on the way IT organizations perform and the way services are delivered to clients as per their business needs. We expertise in cloud computing and help you to unlock the true potential that exists in your organization. These services will help you to focus on the usage, rather than on technology. Developing and providing solutions through cloud computing can be a very challenging task, but this is what our developers are always looking for in a project.

With SCMS cloud computing services, you get:

Our company has helped many organizations by providing services through the cloud, which came out to be more affordable and productive for them.

.Net Development

We at SCMS provides best .Net development services and personalized software solutions. Explore our competencies to learn how we can help you achieve your business goals with our solutions.

Advantages of .NET platform provided to the clients are:

PHP Development

PHP development plays essential part in a web development company and helps to create dynamic web pages, rich internet applications, development of websites, e-commerce, or shopping carts, social media development, networking development and many other areas of web world.

We have gained expertise in different domains while providing excellent consultation for better implementation of business tasks. Expert developers follow the latest trends in the global market and keep up to date as a team on all leading edge developments in this area.

Advantages of PHP include:

At SCMS, we offer excellent web solutions for online business by integrating latest PHP advancements in website development.

C++ Development

C/C++ is one of the most popular programming languages widely used for product, application and cross-platform development process. At SCMS, we analyze specific requirements of clients to deliver commercial and custom software solutions. We have been providing C++ product development services to various enterprises.

SCMS Provides C/C++ Development Services :

  • Developing custom applications
  • Widening functionality of existing solutions
  • Linux/Unix C/C++ development
  • Maintenance
  • Testing and support for customized business solutions
  • Product development
  • Embedded C/C++ development
  • Video and audio processing software
  • Cross-platform development
  • System software development
  • Mobile application development
  • Upgrading Projects

Advantages of C++ include:

C++ programming language provides competencies and benefits offered by object-oriented programming. Software written with C++ allows developers to use common libraries that are already defined for some purpose, so that some common functions need not be rewritten, which in turn saves you time and money. C++ applications are economical since they use fewer network resources and memory space.

Java Development

Our dedicated custom Java application development team matches the offshore standards through their work quality. Java development is one of our core technologies in which we expertise.

The feature of Java technology that says write once, run anywhere,” refers to its higher compatibility. Java makes us an adaptable, portable and competent offshore Java Development Company in India.

SCMS offers different variants of offshore Java application services:

During our course of development of projects in the past, we have integrated Java platform with the following:

  • Every significant OS’s native libraries
  • Libraries those are very popular in the software industry like Active X on Windows
  • With a variety of platforms to provide special characteristic and functionalities in an application

Silverlight Development

Silverlight development services are becoming popular for rich internet applications that are compatible with different operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, and with mobile devices using Symbian (Series 60) and Windows Phone platforms. It combines the magic of programming and motion graphics with supreme functionality and speed. Current versions of Silverlight support animation, multimedia and graphics.

Our Silverlight Development Services Include:

Major Advantages of Silverlight

  • It is a cross-device plug-in, cross-browser and cross-platform
  • It supports animations, powerful transformations and flexible 2D vector graphics
  • Also supports WPF framework or design patterns, LINQ and WCF
  • Excellent run-time for mobile platforms
  • Freely available for all the supported platforms and Web browsers
  • Provides comparatively light plug-in
  • Approval from Search Engines
  • Delivers RIAs and next generation of media experiences
  • Allows powerful IDE like Visual Studio
  • Supports cost-effective, speedy and high-quality video delivery
  • Includes advanced .NET framework support, better graphics with 2D vector animation, multimedia protection and JavaScript support
  • Gives a high performance Ajax support result
  • Able to deliver sound reproduction media experiences on a big set of system designs
  • It has UI library and a rich class library
  • Easily integrates with existing Web applications

AJAX Development

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) programming is a group of interconnected web technologies that are used on client-side to create innovative web applications.
It would not be wrong to say that AJAX development is the art of exchanging applications or data with a server and updating parts of a web page without hampering the status of the web page.

Advantages to Use AJAX in Application Development:

At SCMS, we help our clients stay one-step ahead in the highly competitive and challenging marketplace. Its advantages are:

  • Asynchronous Calls: With AJAX developers are able to make a call to a web server asynchronously.
  • Minimal Data transfer: Network performance is improved by not sending all form data to the server at once.
  • Limited processing on the server: Since all form data is not sent to the server at once there will be limited processing on the server.
  • Responsiveness: Since AJAX, applications are asynchronous so they are very responsive.
  • Context: If all the form data is to be submitted by the users at once, then users may lose their context of where they are.

Our professional development team creates customized solutions for our clients by integrating Ajax with other web technologies such as ASP.NET, PHP and ASP. With the help of these technologies, they develop tailored web applications.

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