SharePoint Development

To expand the functionality and scope avail our SharePoint development service. SharePoint solution efficiently automates business workflows and provides the knowledge management functionality that makes document sharing and storing secure.
How SharePoint solutions developed by us enhance productivity and overall performance of client’s business are:

  • Automation of document management processes
  • Knowledge base management system
  • Supports secure sharing, managing and storage of documents
  • Helps data to migrate from old systems
  • Easy migration of enterprise from a old version of SharePoint to its latest version
  • Keeps an eye on the documentation management process
  • Maintains the life cycle of document management
  • We also provide SharePoint training

We currently work with the latest version SharePoint 2013, which are backed-up by our support system. If requested by the client, we can also integrate the services with other relevant tools for better workflow. We have developed customized solutions using SharePoint technology as the basic development platform.

SharePoint Consultation Services

As SharePoint Support Services company in India, we provide clients with relevant suggestions and input in following areas:

  • Working with SharePoint Designer to provide enhanced user interface and customized template designing
  • Easy customization options and ideas for Webparts
  • Complete workflow integration and data collaboration solutions with relevant inputs for web content management
  • We provide in-depth discussions for deploying SharePoint sites successfully
  • Management for all types of intranet and extranet portals along with component development
  • We will provide you complete assistance for issues related with project management and how to maintain your portfolio in the best possible manner
  • Assistance in gathering all the necessary requirements for a project in order to plan and decide the scope for it
  • We will help you develop strategies based on your business requirements by analyzing your business thoroughly
  • We use defined standards and development architecture to outline your development cycle
  • By sharing all the information with you and taking relevant inputs from your side, we will suggest you the best suitable technology

We have earned our experience by providing services to:

  • Media and Telecommunication
  • Food & Health Care Industries
  • Networking Industries
  • Government Organizations
  • Finance & Banking Sectors
  • Real Estate

SharePoint Branding Services

Our branding services will aid you in transforming your SharePoint suite into an appropriately customized environment, which will suit the best to all your organizational requirements.
An overview of the branding process followed in our company can be described as follows:

  • Formulating strategies for designing, new branding for client applications and tools
  • Intensive planning and analysis for better understanding of client's work processes
  • Documentation of all the requirements and specifications (from both the ends)
  • Taking inputs from client's ideas and collaborating it with our experience for a better outcome
  • Designing of all the images, graphical representations and style sheets
  • Quality assurance and testing for every build solution and designs
  • After being fully satisfied with our work, the final delivery of the project is made

Our SharePoint application development services offer following benefits to client business:

  • Fully customized intranet and extranet portals, which are made exclusively for client's type of the business nature
  • All the solutions and applications will be individually tailored and compliant with client's companies guidelines
  • Providing client's brand an edge over the competitors
  • Reliable enhancements and complete user-satisfaction
  • Brilliantly designed interface for every solution with unique in every aspect

SharePoint Web Part Services

We are offering fully customized web-parts for SharePoint, which will enable users to have comprehensive control over the content, improve the interaction among team members, processes, tracking, reporting, and initiation of business processes.

Following are the benefit provided by our custom Web Parts:

  • Improve performance and scalability: A compiled custom Web Part performs faster.
  • Make your Web Part connectable: It allows Web Parts to access data from other connectable Web Parts.
  • Implement proprietary code: No need to disclose the source code.
  • Control Web Part implementation: A custom web part can be written that connects to database or browser compatible web parts can be created.
  • Control the Web Part cache: It can be achieved by using built-in cache tools.
  • Create custom properties: that can be displayed and modified through user interface.

SharePoint Support Services

We provide support system for all our IT services. Our 24*7 SharePoint support system ensures that our clients can always find assistance readily at their comfort. We have been known in the industry to provide excellent support services to our clients for all types of application development in this suite. Our dedication towards work and the punctuality conscious working environment ensures that the project is completed on time. We have earned the experience to encounter, even the most complex issues in this field.

Some of the features of our support system include:

Data Migration Solution

Our company provides service to its clients for migrating data from existing SharePoint application setup to the latest version of this tool. It provides firms the opportunity to improve data accessibility and reduce operation expenses.
The migration of data from client’s previous system to the latest 2010 version may involve many complications. These issues are unique and can pose a potential impact on clients’ company strategies. Thus, our sound understanding of each concept in SharePoint helps clients to avoid all these obstructions during the course of migration.

The procedure followed on our side for migrating to 2010 version can be described briefly as follows:
  • Detailed analysis of client's business and previous solutions: This is the initial phase where we gather all information related to client’s business and the solutions that are being hosted currently. We provide them with full consultation regarding their previous solutions and if necessary, guidance on implementing new solutions.
  • Planning for modifications and new adjustments with respect to a new platform: We pre-plan things and advise clients in advance for any type of configuration or new adjustments required for their existing data or applications on the previous server.
  • Migrating to SharePoint 2010: After we are fully satisfied with our devised plan for migration, we make it a point to gather valuable suggestions from client’s side to improve upon our methodology. Taking into consideration, all the points and guidelines provided from their end, we start up with the process of SharePoint migration.
Data IT migration services will include:
  • Exporting of a large amount of data
  • Customization of previous and newly implemented solutions
  • Development of new applications and websites, if necessary
  • Creation of workflows and forms
  • Customization services for your SharePoint web-parts

Remote Support and Installation Service

With our skills and talent, we have gathered huge experience in providing remote support and installation services for Microsoft SharePoint. We have appointed an experienced team of professionals, who are very efficient in providing remote support services. According to the situation at hand, the team is capable of providing services through phone calls, e-mails, messages and if required, we can provide a professional expert at client's end as well, if they ask for it.
We are backed-up by our experience in successfully installing various applications based on SharePoint platform at our clients' remote locations.

Remote Support and Installation Services for Microsoft SharePoint followed by our company can be briefly described as:

  • Configuration of the suite using active directory
  • Single sign-on configuration for every solution
  • Deployment of the pivot table
  • Complete backup and restore system for all the intranet and extranet portals
  • Scheduled maintenance and periodic backup of SharePoint sites and databases
  • Regularly monitor SharePoint log files and fix potential issues
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