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Shriv ComMedia Solutions started mobile application development services few years ago. We have earned lots of experience in developing innovative mobile application as the client has asked for. We work hard on our mobile app projects to deliver it on time and within the budget.
The knowledge base of our team members is thorough in the technical domain.

We are one of those companies that started offering mobile application development service, quite early.

Today we make mobile apps for following operating system platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Symbian OS
  • BlackBerry

We provide best in class mobile app development services. We have developed mobile apps of different types and for different industries, which are:

  • ERP apps
  • E-commerce portals
  • Educational
  • Utility
  • Gaming
  • Maps
  • Social networking
  • GPS Based mobile apps

Mobile Games

The most popular apps category is gaming. Shriv ComMedia Solutions specializes in development of mobile games for different platforms and different devices available in the market today.
The services provided by us include developing applications for game porting, M-Commerce solution and integration for a variety of available well-known platforms.

We preferably make use of J2ME (JAVA programming language) for mobile game development as it is portable and compatible with handsets available in the market. However, we are open to other technologies based on the client’s project requirements.

At Shriv ComMedia Solutions, we develop various games for mobiles. Few to mention are:

  • Puzzle game
  • Vocabulary (word) game
  • Racing game
  • Tile or platform arrangement game
  • Betting game
  • Cards game
  • Single player game
  • Two player game
  • Board game
  • Action game

The gaming solutions developed by us are feature-rich, graphic-rich and adaptable on cross platform loaded on mobile handsets.

Tracking Application

Shriv ComMedia Solutions offers service for GPS tracking application development. GPS (Global Position System) is a new age technology that allows keeping track in terms of time, location, and velocity.

The GPS vehicle tracking application developed by us helps the company owners to keep an eye on the motor vehicles. The exact location of the vehicle moving, needs constant monitoring.

The tracks are monitored using real time Google maps and stored in an online archive for users to view later so as to keep off the threats of theft or loss due to vehicle misinformation.

The customizedGPS Tracking Application in India, developed by our talented software professionals is well equipped with information on the vehicle, location, movement, and delivery time of goods.

Tracking Software development service offers applications on GPS Positioning System:

  • GPS Tracking System
  • GPS Navigation System
  • GPS Asset Tracking Application
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Child Tracking System
  • Windows GPS Mobile Application
  • GPS iPhone Application

We know the clients today are very particular about two things: fast delivery of interactive, innovative mobile apps and the compatibility of mobile apps. We make it a point to build such a compatible infrastructure of mobile app that grows with client’s needs and evolution of new mobile technology.

So that in the future if you wish to upgrade your apps according to new advancements in technology, you will be able to upgrade your app without having to start developing a new app all over again. This technology provides foresightedness and flexibility.

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