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Shriv ComMedia Solutions have been developing software for our clients globally for over a decade. Our experience shows that we tend to use contracts that we are familiar with, and so base our decisions on what has worked in the past. However, our clients and we are finding that our experience and expectations are changing. Now, we are much more used to contracts that cover fixed project effort, timelines and cost or Capped T & E and Incremental Delivery.

The majority of contracts our clients preferare fixed effort and timeline contract because of the following advantages:

Development of projects under fixed price presumes that we have agreed on the price to develop the project, after which the price is not subjected to any changes unless certain requirements are added into the agreement or the contract. In this case, even the number of employees working on the project does not matter, as the amount of payment does not depend on the amount of resources or time expended. We recommend this service for small size or urgent projects.

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