Central and local Government

We are proud to mention that we have done software applications developemnt and implementation for both domestic and international governments. You can view the list below for the government software project and a click on the logo will tell you more about the software application.

Health Care


This Application is for The Occupational First Aid Assessment Agent (OFAAA) appointed by the Health and Safety Authority to carry out the assessment and registration of Occupational First Aid training providers.


Botswana Hindu Society

It's an online web portal dedicated for Hindu communities in Botswana. Through this website the Hindu communities get online platform for various kinds of events and activities.

HTI SIMS Application

This tool enables the institutes to monitor enrolment procedure, class size, student database and use of resources in data management. It provides the time & money-saving solutions for fast tracking of records. It offers many useful tools for performance analysis, report analysis of each class and student. Institutions can email newsletters to all students for effective communication with them.


It's a Web Portal which provides information to fulfill the mission of FATEM through its various features.


Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) offers a set of key features to maintain & support modern operations of a laboratory.


Newity web portal

It's a web portal to display information of Newity related to their various operations.

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