Baby ScrapBook

Baby ScrapBook is a record of child development, which contains photographs and written records of growth.
For such memories, we have experience in providing the best solution for you. It is possible with us to capture all beautiful moments of your growing baby by using images. Even, you can record the best moment of your pregnancy as well as growth & development of your child.

The software development allows you convert all memorable pictures as videos and slideshows. The memorable moments including first word, first laugh, first expression and first crawl of babies are very important for moms.

A remarkable book makes each thing easy for you. It has specially designed for writing about “firsts of babies” with their unforgettable expressions. The wonderful digital book allows the user to store pictures, sounds and videos of children. With the use of its standard template, you can use many options including chapters and pages.

Advantages of Baby ScrapBook:

To maintain every detail of baby's life, it is a best choice for you. All moments in the book provides an amazing experience to all mothers about their child's life. On the other hand, the working moms can record some selected moments of their babies.

You can get a best solution for your child by using this software. As well as, the baby ace features provide the facility to scan pictures to create memory pages for other important moments such as birthdays, holidays and other childhood vacation. You can capture unlimited pictures, audio clips and videos to create albums more than one baby. This software helps you by providing special features including stickers, captions, fonts and many more. Make your life colourful with this amazing software and create another world for your memorable moment.

Fertilizer Management System

Our company gained an incredible experience by developing software application for fertilizer management system. Our development team conducted a full research on all the aspects that are related to agriculture and farming. This enabled us to provide an application, which would ease the process of fertilizer management.

With our talent and skill, we provided a unique and innovative software solution, which could manage the usage of fertilizers for every condition and type of crop. The interface developed by our programmers is intuitive and user-friendly. It gathers the information for different blends of fertilizers from the user and then calculates the most appropriate amount based on the quality and availability of water, soil and nutrients composition present.

We put a lot of stress on user-satisfaction. The users can just enter all the required data regarding crops, water, soil composition, weather conditions, etc. and then our software will produce individually mastered results with recommendations to ensure optimal use of fertilizer in crops. The application was not limited to fulfilling the above aspects only, but it can also manage the costs, budget and provide facility to form schedules/reminders for the process.

Some of the features provided within our services include:

By availing our services, clients were able to produce maximum yield with great efficiency without any unnecessary wastage of fertilizers and resources. It guarantees you the most accurate amount required in your field that will produce the best yield with those available resources. In this way, you will be able to distribute optimal amount of fertilizers, maximize the yield and save on the cost, which will ultimately lead to increased profits. Get better solutions related to Fertilizer Management System.

Quotation Management System

Quotation management is very important for a business enterprise dealing in selling of products and services. The processes have now become very complex and require much more expertise from the person appointed for the same. In relation to this, we provided our services to develop an application, which could support the services for quotation management system.

The development was embattled at developing a solution for automating the processes in QM system. It served the client for generating new quotations regarding products and services and created a follow-up for the same. Those generated through this system were served as an input for other resources. For the storage of sensitive data in the server, we have provided secure access, so that there is no leak of information or data loss anywhere.

The features that were incorporated in the application can be overviewed as below:

The solution provides improved performance with maximized productivity in every aspect. Improved conversion rate for the existing quotes and advance reporting features allow for better success rate for the organization.

Production Management System

Production management has become very complex in industries these days. It has happened due to the ever-increasing demands of customers and constantly changing trends in market.

The management is required to be very quick and spontaneous for responding quickly to every need. For accomplishing all these needs and providing high standard outputs, we were able to offer our services for creating such type of application for our esteemed client.

We developed a standalone solution, which could look after all these functions with some added benefits into them. The application can be integrated easily with other solutions to provide seamless input from other sources, thereby producing better results for managing the products functionalities. It was able to realize the set strategies by maximizing the production efficiency, improving the quality standards and lower the wastage of resources.

Each aspect of the application was developed, keeping in mind the end-user. This made it more user-friendly and provided enhanced communication standards for the users of the application.

Our service provided the following facilities to the client:

The product management system developed by us provided easy implementation to the client by simplifying the process of installation, configuration and usage. With the changing technologies in market, we inform them regularly and make all the necessary updates, so that the application remains up-to-date all the time. A large number of processes were automated, leading to improved efficiency and productivity in work processes.

Laboratory Information Management System

With our expertise in various fields, we have been able to serve clients with new and innovative solutions for every function in their enterprise. This provided us with an opportunity to experience the development of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for an organization. A laboratory deals with a large amount of data every day, which requires constant monitoring and tracking for future references.

These requirements change every day with the change in project and specifications therein. For this, we developed a highly configurable solution for accomplishing such type of tasks in the projects. It served the organization in a great way by making the information more accessible and highly usable. In turn, it played an important role maximizing the value of generated data in the lab.

The solution helped the laboratory management by providing:

During our research for the project, we found that these labs contain many data, out of which, most of the data is in unstructured form and difficult to use for later purposes. For this, we provided a feature in the application for integrating the structured and unstructured data, thereby enhancing the workflow. The solution was made within the specified, budget, and high on quality standards, making it the best deal for our client. Being a one-stop solution, it did not require any involvement of third party for external support.

By providing a central platform, the work efficiency was improved due to:

  • Central source for sharing information and data
  • Easy to search feature for performing multiple searches
  • Quick decision making ability by providing enhanced information sharing capabilities
  • Improved teamwork through better connectivity

Student Management System

Management of day-to-day operations of students at school or college is provided via Student-Management System. It is playing a very crucial role to meet specific needs of students. We developed a standard and useful solution for the management of activities, which could look after all functions with host of advantages. Now, it is possible to identify student requirements and behaviour. The administrative procedure is very important to deal with daily activities of students.

Essential Features of Student-Management System provided by us are:

To develop communication system between students and instructors, you can take benefits of this solution. This tool enables the institutes to monitor enrolment procedure, class size, student database and use of resources in data management.

Benefits of Student-Management Solution are:

  • Integrated information for strategic decision-making
  • Manage organizational activities and useful services for students
  • Proper execution of financial and payroll procedure
  • Improve position of institutes with progressive solution
  • Lower the total cost of ongoing commitments including  R&D, partnerships and use of technology for long-term benefits
  • Enables institutes to share academic information by suing mobiles, websites & other communication devices.
  • Provides time & money-saving solutions for fast tracking of records.
  • Offers useful tools for performance analysis, report analysis of each class and student.

Institutions can email newsletters to all students for effective communication.
It is the best solution tool and gaining popularity while offering several advantages to institutes and students. You can customize this solution to meet the specific requirements and improve daily academic activities.

Export Management System

Export Management System is a versatile product and application of export management process, designed for export houses in domestic and international markets. It is required to create effective incorporation and co-ordination in export business. Nowadays, national or international business, engaged in export and import requires a software solution that strongly manages all the complex procedures associated with the business.

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) has a far-fetched experience by providing cutthroat and multi-user software solutions with user-defined export procedures and management controls.

Furthermore, the excellent in-built controls allow the system to process the transactions of export and import rapidly and precisely. The unique software solution is integrated with order processing and financial business, which makes it quite worthy from end-users point of view. It is a strategic business solution for business houses involving in export and import in any industry vertical.


  • Role-based security to control the access rights of users
  • Providing secured access control system and configurability
  • User defined status tracking, consignments reporting, and quotations management
  • Authenticate use of individual data fields
  • Exhaustive database to cater all types of business verticals
  • Comprehensive product pricing and quotations
  • Compliance with VAT and statistical reporting requirements
  • Automatic printing and faxing of selected documents
  • Date control over consignment shipment deadlines and payments
  • Facility to consolidate and split orders
  • Export charge processing and tracking facility
  • Generate custom reports with facility to print, mail, or fax at remote or local site
  • User-friendly screens with easy language for input fields

For any query regarding export management system, feel free to contact us

Digital image viewer system

A beautiful relationship between parents and child develops with unlimited love and care. Parents wish to save all magical moments of their child. It is not easy task to remember each moment. With us, parents can get best digital image viewer solution, digital image viewer system. Parent can capture all magical moments like birth of child and each first moment of body. It brings for them great feelings and develops strong bonding.

Digital image viewer solution will give you a marvellous opportunity to make unseen bonding between parent and child. Now, mother can keep up pregnancy memories with the help of Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule. Many parents do not have time to manage pictures, videos, audio and scrapbooks. They can take the advantage of this quick digital image viewer solution to manage all memories as pictures and videos.

Major Advantages of Digital Image Viewer System are:

  • Create, upload and scan videos quickly
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Capacity to capture each feelings & moment during pregnancy
  • Create movie video of pregnancy
  • Easy to burn and store data into CD
  • Unforgettable gift for your relatives
  • Mother can maintain private moments of pregnancy
  • Auto function facility provides a better solution for your data
  • Save your time & money with its fast storage capacity
  • Easy to use & Eco-friendly solution provide lifetime achievements
  • Convenient for mother and other family members
  • Able to generate your own family tree

Indeed, parents can capture each first moment of their kids with complete details such as expression, crawl, doctor’s visit and outfits. It is also possible to manage and print pictures.

As well as, you can upload all videos into a single movie file and set the background music according to your choice. The device is mainly based on USB drive with safe storage capacity. They can upload all data on personal websites to share with friends and family. Thus, do not miss the chance to get wonderful digital image viewer solution to make your life remarkable.

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